Every visitor can walk around this coffee plantation safely and have time to observe how the coffee trees are grown. They could see the nursery and see live the birth of coffee they will drink.

All the stages of coffee processing from the beginning as a seed untill the final cup will be displayed live.





A space in the coffee pavilion is dedicaced to the coffee processing stages explanations.
But amidst the coffee trees, visitors will have number of questions depending on the month of their visit. The answers will make clear everything about coffee at its source.



The whole surface of this coffee plantation will enable visitors to enjoy the trekking paths into forest cover, to walk on or beside a creek flow-bed, to pass nearby a spring of mineral water or the stream of what is called “the red creek. This coffee plantation, with its diversified, under-shades or sunny-sloppy paths, will make you enjoy unforgettable healthy walks.



The coffee planted is both Arabica and Robusta. in the future, we have planned to gather every known species of Arabica in Laos and plant them at the plantation. This plantation is officially certified organic with validity for Laos, Thailand and the European Union. 





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